UMD Transfer Course Database Guide

Through this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to use UMD’s Transfer Course Database to determine how credits from other institutions may transfer to UMD.

computer with UMD logo on screen on work desk

Accessing the Database

To access the database, go to the Transfer Credit Services website. In the menu on the left side of the page, click on “Database of Transfer Course Evaluations."

Searching the Database

Scrolling down on the page, you will see that there are different ways to search the database. To generate a list of all of the courses that have been evaluated from a particular college or university, click on “Search by Transfer Institution”. In the search box, type part of the institution name, such as “Prince George”. Then, click “Submit”. Then, click the institution name.

Course Evaluations in the Database

Now, you can see a list of all of the courses that UMD has evaluated from Prince George’s Community College. On the left side of the page, under the yellow heading, you will see the ID and title for the course from Prince George’s Community College. Beside that, under the red heading, you will see:

  • the acceptability or equivalent course ID at UMD
  • any general education categories at UMD satisfied by the course
  • important footnotes or unique comments about the course
  • start and end terms showing whether or not the course evaluation has changed over time by indicating the specific semesters for which the evaluation applies

screenshot of transfer courses from Prince George's Community College

You can scroll alphabetically through the list. Or, on your keyboard, hold down the “Ctrl” or “Command” key then tap the letter “F” key. This “Find” shortcut will allow you to quickly search the page for a specific course ID or keywords, for example.

Interpreting Course Evaluations

A student took ART1510 at Prince George’s Community College in the fall of 2019. This course is accepted at UMD and is considered equivalent to ARTT100. This course also satisfies a DSSP Distributive Studies Scholarship in Practice general education category. This evaluation is valid if the course was taken anytime from fall 2008, the start term, through today since there is not an end term.

table of ART1510 at Prince George’s Community and UMD equivalent

A student also took INT2200 at Prince George’s Community College. This course is accepted at UMD as L1. L1 means that the course satisfies lower level elective credit but is not considered directly equivalent to any particular course offered at UMD.

table of INT2200 at Prince George’s Community and UMD equivalent

Additional Examples

A student also took courses at George Mason University. To see how those courses may transfer to UMD, return to the Database of Transfer Course Evaluations to search for this institution.

A student took IT104 at George Mason University. You can see that there are two entries in the database for this course. If the student had taken this course between the fall of 2015 and summer term II of 2017, it would not be accepted at UMD due to the start and end term. However, the student took IT104 in the fall of 2017 so it is accepted at UMD as a lower-level elective.

A student also took THR197 at George Mason University. However, this course is not on the list.

Requesting a Course Evaluation

If a course does not appear in the database, it does not mean that UMD will not accept it for transfer. It simply means the course has not been previously evaluated for transfer. In order to submit a course evaluation request, follow the steps outlined on the Transfer Course Evaluation Process webpage.

Additional Assistance

For additional assistance with the Transfer Course Database, please visit the Transfer Course Database help site.